Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashback Friday

October 2006 - Visiting Gena in Santa Barbara

A month after getting married, I went to visit my good friend Gena who goes to UC Santa Barbara.

The night I drove in, she made me dinner and we stayed in for the night catching up since any converstations we had had for the prior 17 months were all about my wedding.

The next day she took me kayaking. It was my first time and I had lots of fun but it was filled with a lot of "Uh...Gena!" Gena is a dare devil and I can be a little timid. Plus, she has a history of kayaking with whales - yes whales, not dolphins, whales. She has a video of it and it's insane. Correction: she is insane! But that's why I love her.

That night we went out on the town.

That night I got a mild concussion, in Gena's bathroom. Somehow while going to the rest room, I lost my balance and hit my head on her little table in the bathroom.

The next morning we took ourselves to get a hangover breakfast: bagels and coffee.

I went back for another visit the next summer in May 2007.

Gena is graduating this quarter - I hope I'm able to visit her again before she graduates and starts her next new adventure.

Looking forward to seeing you in July, Gena!


Dorothy said...

Looks like you had a fun time...was the "fall" alcohol related??

Alyssa said...

mmm hmmmm

Gale said...

Oh, my gosh...where do I start with this?!! Ok, I love Gena, too -after all how many bridesmaids in history have fed seagulls from their mouths while waiting for the wedding (Alyssa's) to begin, no doubt causing said seagull to fall hopelessly in love with his human benefactor and subsequently go poop on the wedding coordinator just as the wedding procession begins? Come to think of it that's a blog post in itself. NOW: WHAT CONCUSSION??? Ok, alcohol related, my Aunt Fanny - geeze, d'ya think?? Ohhh, man - Alyssa Jane!!!!

Dorothy said...

LOL Gale you crack me up!