Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flashback Friday

Trip to Mexico - October/November 2007

I decided to post about our trip to Mexico since we are leaving for Mexico tomorrow! Woot woot!

We went on a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise with Rob's parents and his sister Kathy. I think it was around this time Kathy was dating Michael, her now husband. I remember every night she would go online and check her email and say "Why hasn’t he written yet?!" It was cute - she was very excited about this new relationship. He did write her back a few times, but not as quick/often as she wanted (i.e. daily).

We missed the first couple of days of the cruise because Rob's best friend Mike was getting married. We flew into Mexico and stayed at the Las Hadas Resort for the night and then met up with the family the next day.

Rob and I had been on a cruise once before for our honeymoon, but this experience was a little different. Rob's parents graciously put us in a deluxe verandah suite and had our own private area to get meals and snacks, check email, etc. The most impressive thing in my opinion was the fancy machine that made lattes! Not hot chocolate, not café mochas like you see at gas stations - lattes! I was in heaven. I loaded up 1-2 times a day until about the 4th day I thought it tasted funny, like the milk had expired. A worker opened up the machine to check the expiration date on the milk and to my horror, I saw it was half and half. No wonder it was so yummy! I tried to limit myself to only 1 a day for the remainder of the trip.

Here are some highlights from the trip.

Our room.

Turtle plantation. We released couple day old turtles into the ocean.

Cliff divers.


Cocktail Hour.

Cutting up coconuts.

Kathy volunteered to make a clay tile.

Beer break!

Papantla Flyers - or as Rob called them, the Papantla Danglers.

Day of the Dead.

Rob HAD to check out the Gold's Gym.

Tequila Factory.

This guy wears many hats.

Largest shell store ever.

This guy killed me. He did an interprative dance - basically the life of a dear from prancing, to getting shot with a bow and arrow. Tragic.

More cocktails.

Going around in Rhinos/ATV/Etc.

Formal night.

The last supper.

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