Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beachy Keen

Last weekend was weekend #3 of staying in Aptos. Rob had a meeting and the house was available so we were able to stay again. This time we were with the Beiers, Evans, and Jesslie (Jesse and Leslie – they’re like celebrities and stuff). Out of the past three weekends, this weekend’s weather was the best.

We got take out from Village Host – enough to feed about 25 people, and went to the store to get necessities such as ice cream, cookie dough, red bull, wine and eggs. After dinner we broke out the games. None of the girls wanted to play Trivial Pursuit because it’s boring, so we decided to play it first to get it out of the way. This wasn’t the 80’s or pop edition – it was straight up Trivial Pursuit. I knew 1 answer for the entire game – including answers for the opponent’s questions. My correct question didn’t even give us a point, because we, including me, decided that Boar was not the male name for a pig but the Hog is. Wrong! Oh well.

The winners were Rob and Brian Rob, Brian, Maryanne and myself. Gooooo team! We kicked boo-tay.

This is what losing looks like: Jesslie and Dorothy. Aren’t they cute though?

Keith got a work call and had to sit this game out. Between working and talking to people on the phone he would shout out over “what is the question?” He was there playing with us in spirit.

After Trivial Pursuit, we move on to Catchprase and then Cranium. By the time we got to Cranium, we were all a little gamed out. I think you’ll understand by this picture.

And this picture…

Ok, maybe I was the only one who was having ADD and was over it.

What’s a blog post without some Buddy?

Everyone left soon after they woke up (noon) and after eating some breakfast first, of course.

Thanks everyone for such a fun weekend!


Rob said...

we lost at trivial pursuit. that picture of us winning was after cranium....

Alyssa said...

LOL - oh yeah...we got our butts kicked at trivial pursuit. Whatever smarty pants!

Dorothy said...

Whatever, it was still a FUN time! Thanks Wagners!

Gale said...

Rob - next time you get the urge to play trivial pursuit, you have GOT to sneak me onto your team...I RULE at T.P. :)

Rob said...

well, this game of trivial pursuit was rigged. We'd get questions like "name the Swedish scientist born in 1859 that first discovered the major enzymes involved in the digestive process." They'd get questions like "what color is a red fire truck?"

it was lame. I knew every answer to every question I was reading to them without looking, but no one knew the questions we were getting.

Dorothy said...

Whatever Rob! Don't be a sore loser!