Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend at the Beach vs. Wine Tasting

A couple weekends ago we graciously declined a date with our friends to go wine tasting because we were going to the beach house. We invited our friends Paul and Amy and their twin boys Ben and Matt. I saw a picture of the wine tasting event and even though I had fun at the beach, I was a bit jealous – they looked like they were having fun! But then I thought to myself, “can my friends say they had twin boys wrestle them to the ground and fart on them on more than one occasion?” I think not. Oh, and in their parent’s defense, the boys always say “excuse me” each time.

Boy's wrestling

Matt & Buddy

Boys and Buddy squeezing his way into the picture oh so sly-ly

Rob finally has cartoon watching companions.

Paul's famous German Meatballs and Potato Dumplings

Beautiful Sunset

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