Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birchbox - March 2012.

I signed up for Birchbox and just got my first box in the mail! For $10 a month, Birchbox sends you a box of deluxe beauty samples to try out. I love getting mail and its sort of like getting a present every month in the mail. :) The only negatives are 1.) its not free (but its only $10/month) and 2.) you may get someting you don't like. I've heard of really great Birchbox months and real duds of a month via blogs but I'm doing the month to month so if I decide I don't like it, I can opt out at any time.

Presenting....the March 2012 Birchbox!

What's inside....

Annick Goutal - Eau d' Hadrian (retail: $85)

What Birchbox says: The ideal warm weather scent, Eau d’Hadrien is a symphony of glistening, refreshing citrus notes orchestrated through the Sicilian lemon.

What I say: I actually like citrus scented perfumes but I'm not feeling this one. This perfume is not my style. I promised to let Dorothy sniff it and if she likes it, its hers.

Color Club - Nail Lacquer in Age of Aquarius (retail: $8)

What Birchbox says: these ‘60s-inspired polishes are right up our alley. They come in seven neon shades that channel the decade’s exuberant vibe: think mod girls, painted buses, and the advent of color TV. The coolest of the bunch, Age of Aquarius is a greenish turquoise.

What I say: I'm liking the bright nail color trend going on right now so my heart skipped a beat when I saw this fun polish color in my box. As soon as Charlie was napping, I put the fun color on my hands. This is a great color to wear on St. Patrick's Day but it was a few days too late but thats ok. I think if I had a full-time corporate job, I wouldn't wear it to work. I'd feel silly and unprofessional but since I'm not working, I feel I can experiment a little more. The polish is a bit bright. Rob noticed my nails right away and said something like he wouldn't expect me to wear this color and "oh, is that 'Stella & Dot green?'" He was right, it was similar to Stella & Dot's color - maybe thats why I like it! I decided to never wear it on my hands if I have a trunk show that day - I think I would look a bit cheesy.

Jouer - Luminizing Moisture Tint (retail: $38)

What Birchbox says: Allure recently gave the product its coveted "Best in Beauty" seal. The oil-free formula feels positively weightless on but gives you plenty of even coverage. Skin looks soft and dewy and, thanks to SPF 20, you’ll be extra protected from the sun.

What I say: They sent me this in "bronze" and I think its a bit too dark for me. I like how tan I look but my face doesn't match my throat/neck coloring so it looks funny. It does work though so I'm thinking I might buy this in a shade or two lighter than bronze. They call it a "moisture tint" but moisturizer it is not. Today I blended it with my moisturizer and my skin felt better. If I put this moisture tint on my skin and then my makeup, my skin felt tight and dry.

One Love Organics - Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm (retail: $68)

What Birchbox says: A three-in-one makeup remover, cleanser, and head-to-toe moisturizer, it’s the only product you need to keep your skin pure and unbelievably soft. The faint tropical scent comes courtesy of organic oils and other natural ingredients. Bonus: it’s made without a single drop of water, making it ultra-rich and concentrated (look Ma, no fillers!).

What I say: This product is pretty cool. You can use it a ton of different ways. You can clean your face with it, moisturize with it, use it to tame fly aways, use it as a lip balm, use it as a primer over your mineral powder or mix it with broken shadows or blushes. I used my moisturizer after I cleansed my skin but the cleanser is a little greasy so even after you wash it off, I think it still has a little bit on you skin. This morning I woke up and my face felt softer than usual. I probably won't buy the full size version of this product.

Orofluido - Beauty Elixer (retail: $30)

What Birchbox says: This serum relies on a triple-treat of standout oils: argan oil strengthens strands; linseed oil smoothes cuticles to leave hair shiny; and Cyperus oil fortifies and boosts manageability.

What I say: I like this. Its similar to Morocan Oil - you just apply a small amount and your hair feels silky and smooth. I like this scent better than the scent of Morocan Oil.

And this month, there was a "lifestyle extra" added to the box:

Tea Forte - Skin-smart Teas (retail: $6 for 16 bags)

What Birchbox says: Teatime just got a makeover. Not only do these fruity green teas taste amazing, they contain mega-high levels of antioxidants to repair your skin from the inside out. Each flavor addresses a specific concern, from fighting oxidative stress (a major source of wrinkles) to restoring skin’s youthful glow. Certified organic and fair trade, the beautifying blends will help you look as great as you feel—and who can say no to that?

What I say: Not sure yet. I'm not a big tea girl and since I'm pregnant I need to be careful with teas. I'll try this after the baby comes or after breastfeeding. Or maybe never. :)

I was happy with this month's box and looking forward to the next one!

If you are remotely interested in trying this, I would recommend signing up now. They usually have a wait list - I didn't get to join until about 2 weeks after I requested to sign up. My guess is they have limited quantities of samples so they wait for people to drop off their subscription before they add new members. Once you get the email from Birchbox saying you're "in" you hand over your credit card info. So you can send in your request today and have time to think about if you really want to sign up. I wish I had known this because I FINALLY decided I wanted to try it then realized there was a wait list...buzzkill!

Click here to learn more about Birchbox.


Chas said...

Grr, I keep reading about Birchbox and wanting to bite the bullet. But I have yet to read a blog post with a really awesome box! My friend does use that 3 in 1 stuff and loves it.

Alyssa said...

I've actually read a couple posts where people love everything in it but they also agree its hit or miss. I was happy with my box this month though I know I won't be buying everything in full sizes - didn't love it THAT much. I think its just fun to try new things with little investment. :)