Friday, March 16, 2012

Are you Prepared?

So I'm part of a few "mom boards" on Facebook and someone raised the topic of emergency prepardeness. People chimed in about how they are or are not prepared. I would say a majority had a plan or at least some supplies handy like excess water, many canned food items, flash lights, fire extinguishers, guns (with lots of ammo) and stuff like astronaut food.

I didn't chime in because we aren't prepared. At all. Its not unusual for us to order pizza because we have "nothing to eat." I'm sure if we were in a real state of emergency, the "Great Northern Beans" in the pantry would be much more appreciated. Some women on the board were even talking about building bunkers and to be honest, the whole thread was kind of creeping me out!

I think about "the big one" (earthquake) about once a month. Being a California native, I've been through my fair share of earthquakes but we have not had a big one in a while and we're due for one. Its science, people! But I just have this feeling with all these weird tsunami's, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. that we're just going to experience an earthquake (or worse) that is beyond what we in the bay area have experienced before. It just seems lately natural disasters just keep happening and I don't like it.

So would you say you are prepared? Please reply with what you have done to prepare yourself and your family. I feel like at a minimum I need to by a 72 hour emergency prepardeness kit on Amazon. Thoughts?


Gale Hoover Hammond said...

Alyssa, Santa Clara County has a great program we participated in last May (you may remember) called Map Your Neighborhood (MYN - or "Mine" for short)where a small group of homes, usually people on one block or cul-de-sac have a meeting and watch a DVD. It was actually pretty fun. Let me know if you want and Rob could be organizers. :) Also, good preparedness info at this website: And yeah, no...haven't gotten my supplies together other than a few dozen HMR meals. They count, right?

Stephanie said...

We're not really prepared at all. Besides our basement, which I suppose could be considered a "bunker," we don't have any security measures in place. It's also been unseasonably warm here in MI lately -- 84 degrees in March -- so if that's any indication of where our planet is headed (global warming) we should definitely be thinking about emergency procedures.