Friday, February 17, 2012

Some of My New Favorite Things - Skin Care Edition!

My skin had been looking a bit blah lately and by lately I mean in the past two years since having Charlie. Its dull, wrinkly and saggy. I'd seriously do botox if 1.) I weren't pregnant and 2.) if it were a heck of a lot cheaper.

Rob and I spent a night in Monterey a few weeks ago and I splurged on a massage AND a facial. I hadn't had a facial since I was pregnant with Charlie. The aesthetician told me my skin looked like the average 30 yr old skin. She said it wasn't "bad" but there were a few products I could use (and stop using) that would make it look and feel better.

The first order of business: stop using MAC makeup. I was bummed becuase just three months ago I spent a pretty penny on foundation, powder and concealer. And I loved how it looked, it was a little heavy but it covered like a dream. She said it was really clogging my pores and its just a heavy makeup in general. She told me to go to Macys and ask for a refund. I did and I got one! The only thing I didn't get a refund on was my powder because I had dropped it and it was shattered.

The aesthetician gave me a sample of a mineral makeup called True and I really liked it. A place in town carries it and got myself a full size loose powder.

I also got the skin tint. Its lighter than a foundation and because its made from the same mineral ingredients as the powder, it won't clog my skin.

She assured me these will both last me at least 6 months, probably longer.

Back in Monterey, I purchased some skin care items that I took a chance on. They were a bit spendy but I hadn't invested in my skin in a long time and after having an amazing facial, I felt like I wanted to keep my skin happy.

I bought the epicuren citrus herbal cleanser

and the epicuren colostrum cream

I also bought a pumpkin purifying enzyme peel by naturopathica

and finally, a phytocell detox mask by emerginC scientific organics

If I had to only recommend my absolute favorites, they would be the makeup and the cream. I like the cleanser but I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes vs a regular department store cleanser. And the last two items are only to be used once a week and I've only applied them two times so I'm not sure yet.

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