Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Organized.

Someone on facebook posted that she is following a 365 day plan to get organized. I asked for the link and I think I'm going to start doing it. I might even do the tasks for January if I have time. The task for today says "Only keep your good, sharp knives". I'm skipping this because I don't have any dull knives.

So I'm going back to January and will do one thing on the list today.

1/1 - Think about who you want to be this coming year (ugh, no thanks!)
1/2 - Set up a donation station (I have a box in the garage for goodwill, I think thats good enough)
1/3 - Declutter the tops of your cabinets and dust (I do not have cabinet tops)
1/4 - Declutter the top shelf of one of your cabinets - Ok, I can do this!

The top of our pantry shelf contains plastic cups, Rob's protein shake pitchers and to-go containers, plus zip log baggies. There isn't much on the shelf so it was nice starting with this task but it was unorganized and I straightened it up in less than 5 mins. I mainly just combined the cups together since we have the vertical space and grouped things together so it looked more organized.



I'd love to tackle other things on this list (I'm feeling the urge to organize for once in my life!) but I should really do other things that are probably not on the list like do the dishes.

Go here to download the de-clutter calendar:

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Melissa said...

I started back in January and most of the daily activities are pretty quick, like why didn't I do that sooner? But I still have a few from January to complete. I liked jumping around a bit on the calendar and doing it that way.