Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Fall!! I Need This. Ok...Want This.

The Pottery Barn Fall/Winter catalog arrived yesterday. I'm loving these cable knit blankets. I've been wanting a nice, good quality blanket for our family room for awhile.The price tag is hefty (on sale for $99). I scoffed and thought "ya right." But then I started thinking "why not". Well the answer to that question is the price, of course.

When we finally decorated the entryway, I decided to not get cheap and buy things that made me happy. If that meant spending months (or years) on having an entryway I loved then so be it. I splurged on a couple items and lucked out with some free and awesome items or some items found on the cheap that I loved. The result: my favorite space in the house.

So back to the makes me happy and I'm considering using part of my next commission check on it. I had a REALLY good trunk show last week and made a little over $500 in commissions for the 2 hours I was there. My commissions are to be used for entertainment or if we are having a tight month then we will use commissions for the unexpected items that come up in the month. Well, I unexpectedly fell in love with this blanket. That counts, right? I'll hold out for now but gosh I want that blanket!

Rob said we could never have that blanket because Buddy would destory it. Its probably true. Buddy gets his bone, puts it under the blanket, then chews the bone through the blanket creating holes in the blanket. This isn't a big deal because our blankets are cheap. We have 2 Sharks blankets we got at customer appreciation night for free, an Ikea blanket (gift from about 10 years ago) and a blanket received as part of a bridesmaid gift, it has my name embroidered on it. Sorry, Dorothy! Buddy just loves your blanket. :)

Our mismatched blankets with the king of the household doing what he does best:

What do you think....shall we splurge on a new blanket for Fall?

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Melissa said...

No, visit Costco. We always get our blankets there. They have some warm snuggly ones. Also, stop looking at the Pottery Barn catalog. I throw my straight away. I wouldn't spend 100 for a blanket in my family room because the wear and tear of it is too much with little kids and dogs. I like to have something that is durable to throw in the washer machine.

Lastly, I read somewhere that you should wait 30 days and if you're still thinking about that item, then you should buy it. Those blankets will be there and on sale again. I know because I usually buy one for xmas presents for my godmother or Doug's aunt.