Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stella & Dot Update.

I'm obsessed. I have been for awhile but I didn't want to "bore" you all with that and I rarely talk to my friends about it except for the ones that are "into it" and love the jewelry. I have been obsessed with logging into the "stylist lounge" where I can read up on current events and see where I am on track commission wise for the month, I also go into "stylist space" which is basically a facebook for stylists to trade ideas, share successes, etc. I've had a few trunk shows and I'm averaging about $850 in sales for a trunk show which I think is pretty good for being a newbie (average trunk show is $1,000)! I make 25% of that so I've been a happy camper! I'm almost done paying back my investment - I invested more than I planned because I do believe the more you have to show, the more you sell. And I have some sweet jewelry to wear - bonus! I have already hit my first "jump start" which gave me $500 in free jewelry and I think I'm track to get 1 more before my first 100 days and possibly another but for now, my goal is 1 more jump start bonus while I'm in my jump start period. This will come in handy because Stella & Dot is coming out with handbags next week - fun!

This hobby is still for fun - a chance to get some "me" time with friends and meeting new friends. I had my first job at 10 and really do love working so I think this is filling any void I may have about staying home with Charlie and not going to the office. For the record, I have not once thought "I wish I was at work". So thats a good sign since I wasn't sure if the stay at home mom job was for me. I've also always wanted to open my own boutique and I think Stella & Dot is filling that want as well.

I'll be at a local boutique on Sunday so send me some good vibes! I have no idea what to expect but I'm hoping to have a couple sales and perhaps book a trunk show. My September is filling up fast and for that I am thankful.

So thats my "attention whore" update for you all in case you were wondering how its going! I'm really excited for "Q4" - the busiest time of year for Stella & Dot.

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And of course, contact me if you are interested in having a trunk show or becoming a stylist!

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