Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Challenge: Start Cooking More.

Foil balls, its whats for dinner! Learned today you can make baked potatoes in your crock pot. Sure it takes awhile (8 hours on low) but you aren't heating up that kitchen on these warm summer days. I'm wondering what takes more electricity - baking an hour in the oven or 8 hours in a crock pot? Am I the only one who thinks of these things?

I learned of this little trick today from this blog:

I wanted to also share a new recipe from one of my favorite blogs. I had bookmarked it and my sister made it and it was GOOD. So I made it last night and Charlie liked it (but he loves him some Mexican food) and we had no leftovers. Its a pretty cheap recipe but it didn't make that much food.

You can check out the recipe here:

I used canned enchilada sauce.

What are your favorite/easy/cheap/healthy recipes? I need inspiration!

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Melissa said...

Check out real I haven't really made anything, but have been visiting it to browse.