Sunday, December 5, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

Today's topic: Show us your decorations!

I grew up in a house that looked like Santa threw up all over it around Christmas time. I'm hoping to provide the same holiday splendor to our kids. I'm slowly building up my holiday decor every year. I have a ways to go but I'll get there. Don't you worry, my pretties.

I let Rob decorate the outside

This is the mantel in the formal living room. This is my little pointed tree collection. Almost everything is from Target except for stockings (online) and stocking holders (kohl's).
I do a variation of this every year. I grab a bunch of random ornaments, throw 'em in a vase and voila! Easy peasy. Just how I like it.
This is our anorexic model tree, long and lean. This year we decided to put it in the living room vs. the family room because we knew Charlie would be ALL over it. I always wanted to have a Christmas tree in the window so when people drive by they can see it. I'm not sure how easy it is to see it from outside unless people are really looking to find a tree, in that case, thats kind of creepy. On the other hand, we live on a cul de sac so there are only two families who drive by our house anyway.
This is something new this year. I decided to hang some ornaments on our chandelier. Again, not sure if anyone notices it but I like it.
I've had these for a few years - an after Christmas special from Crate and Barrel. I hang these from random doorknobs in the house to ensure the holiday spirit lingers around every corner. You cannot escape my holiday spirit.
My mom got me this 2 years ago at a little shop downtown that has since moved to a larger more upscale town - sell outs! Just kidding, kind of.

This is our mantel in the family room. I love the Target ball trees. They have little cranberries and pine cones all over them. I have considered keeping them out all year round. What do you think?

Woof stocking was a hand me down from my mom. My mom made my and Rob's stocking. They are supposed to mimick our wedding day attire (Rob wore a black tux and I wore a white (duh) dress with ruching on the side). I believe she actually used some scraps from my dress on the actual stocking. Charlie's stocking was handmade by Pottery Barn Kids. They are so thoughtful.

I couldn't not have a Christmas tree in our family room so I picked up this $23.99 pre-lit beauty at Target. "Tree skirt" is a Christmas dish towell. Whatever works!

Picture of our first niece, Gracie and basket was a hand me down from my mom. We put the Christmas cards in there.

Not too much going on here but some uber cute snowball candles from Partylite.

And some random kitchen stuff. Another hand me down from my mom (birdhouse) - I think I actually bought this for her years ago when I worked at Hallmark in highschool. The candle is one that an ex-manager of mine made for me. It smells of holiday goodness and I only bring it out and burn it at Christmastime.

That's pretty much it. Whether or not you are participating in the blog challenge, I'd love to see your home decked out for the holidays. My personal challenge to you is to take pictures, post on them on your blog then leave a comment on this post so I can look at your decorations. Please?


Dorothy said...

So cute! Great job! I love your pointy trees!

Stephanie said...

LOL. I have those same little ball trees, except I got them from Pottery Barn a few years ago. So cute!

Rob said...

"Charlie's stocking was handmade by Pottery Barn Kids"

i can't believe that pottery barn employs kids and has them hand-make Christmas stockings. Sounds like a sweat shop...don't they know about child labor laws?

Alyssa said...

Thanks Dorothy!

Steph, I'm convinced someone's job at Target is to check out Pottery Barn stuff, re-create it and sell it for cheaper. I've seen this happen A LOT.

Rob, I know, its a tragedy.