Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Pumpkin Patch Story

There once was a girl who loved the holidays. She would get excited when she saw Halloween decorations on neighbor's lawns, when Starbuck's started serving their pumpkin spice lattes and when the air started to get crisp enough to warrant her wearing a cute little scarf.

One mid October day, she asks her husband to take her to pumpkin patch. At the patch, husband acts less than thrilled to be there but is enjoying "watching his wife be happy."

Girl is not embarassed to show how much fun she is having.

Girl is thrifty and tells husband to look at the smaller, cheaper pumpkins but husband insists on "doing it right" and tries to to find the largest pumpkin he can carry with two hands.

Before they leave, they find a pumpkin that is worth a spot on camera's memory stick. Husband starts having fun.

On the way home, girl and boy almost get killed by someone who is either 1.) drunk, 2.) not paying attention or 3.) has head cranked in other direction. Boy swerves violently into the center changing lane to avoid a head on collision.

Boy buys girl gelato on the way home to celebrate their alive-ness.

The End.


Keith said...

I am glad you are still alive too!

Dorothy said...

oooops, I was logged in as Keith. Although, I am sure he is also happy that you are still alive.

Mamasita said...

ooooooooohhhh, ick. I didn't like that part in the story about driving home except the happy ending. Thank you to the nice husband for swerving in time to save everybody. Of course you've heard all my warnings about driving "when the drunks are out." WHEW!