Sunday, July 24, 2011

"The Poo".

This started off as a practical joke on my brother in law. I found this dog poop dog toy in the Target dollar bin and couldn't resist. After the prank was over, Buddy took ownership of the dog toy. I'm pretty sure its not BPA free.

We call this thing "the poo." A friend was over the other day and Buddy was barking at her. She asked what he wanted and I told her he wanted her to throw the poo. "The poo?".

These are common statements in our house:

"Buddy, go get your poo"
"Where is the poo?"
"Can you throw the poo for Buddy?"

You get the picture. So if you are over at our house, don't be alarmed if we start talking about the poo. Its probably not surprising that Rob and my "pet names" were Poo long before the poo existed.

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