Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally Organized. For Now.

Organizing is a constant task for me because I can't organize something and keep it organized. I really do wish I was organized, but disorganization is in my blood. Just ask my mom. Sorry, mom! :)

I've been struggling with organizing my jewelry. I had a nice jewelry box that Rob got me years ago but not everything fit in there so I bought a jewelry holder, and then another jewelry holder, and then a earrings only holder. It still looked like a mess.

Last night as I was putting my laundry away, I had a brilliant idea to put my headbands on the closet rod above my dresser in the closet.

Then I got smarter and decided to hang my chunky necklaces on there, too. Oh but don't forget step 1 which is move all your old hangers that used to be on the rod to your husband's side of the closet.

So now the rod holds my headbands and chunky necklaces, my earring holder holds only earrings, one of the jewelry holders holds non chunky necklaces and the other holds bracelets. And the nice box Rob got me holds the "good stuff."

The true test is to see how long it stays this way. Oh and with my new organization, I have room for MORE jewelry! Stop rolling your eyes, Rob!


Gale Hoover Hammond said...

WOW! That looks great! I love your nesting projects, Alyssa...yes, you got your disorganizational traits from me, although it DOES get better with age. I'm just sayin' :)

Ashley said...

Great idea Alyssa! I have my necklaces hanging from nails in my closet, but they still get tangled! I might have to give your idea a whirl!!