Friday, April 8, 2011

Help Me.

What would you do?

I found the entryway table of my dreams at Pier 1. Its $500. Here are my options:

Option 1: Buy table at a store 45 minutes away with 20% coupon so price is $400, haul back home.

Option 2: Buy display table at a store 10 minutes away at 50% off so price is $250. Display table has BIG crack in the middle. I'd have to put a runner on it.

I don't think there is anyway to fix the crack at all. Its pretty bad but I can cover it up easily with a runner. But I'm not sure if I like the idea of HAVING to always have a runner on it. But after all, its only $250 so if I change my mind in a few years, big deal. However, I LOVE it so maybe I should spend the extra $150 and get it as beautiful as it can be. Ugh... see the dilemma?


allensgonavy said...

Definitely go with the new one! You don't want to have to deal with that crack forever!

Alyssa said...

We are picking up the NEW table tomorrow. Yeah!