Monday, August 24, 2009

Reason #28 for Hiring a Pool Boy:

When you wake up to find your spa almost out of water...'s not your problem.

Today we had Jeff Bodin of Krystal Water Pools come over to save our spa. He offers pretty good prices for weekly up keep so Rob hired him on the spot. Rob's been doing a good job, but I think after a year, he was ready to pass the torch (one I wasn't ready to carry).

R.I.P pool boy #1.

We also passed the gardening torch to Rigo (I call him Rigo Suave). He's been doing a great job at keeping our yard looking neat and tidy. I'm not sure what Rob will be doing with all his free time. If you have suggestions, leave a comment for him.


Anonymous said...

I think he should be rubbing your feet and feeding you grapes. =)

Oh, and thanks for getting "rico suave" stuck in my head, lol.

Gale said...

Now Pool Boy #1 only has to lounge around the pool and look cute...oh - and build up those muscles for carrying around all that baby gear you've signed up for :)