Friday, August 21, 2009

Oahu 2009

Rob and I went to Hawaii last Friday with his parents (Lou and Corinne) and returned Wed at 3:00 am - more on that later.

When we landed in Hawaii, our driver picked us up in this:

We had no idea she would be picking us up in a stretch limo - we rolled up to the Halekulani in style.

Rollin' large in the limo:

The next day, Lou and Rob went to a Fort that was right by the hotel. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of it. While they did that, Corinne and I did a little shopping. We were looking for something different than what we have back home for children's clothing or maternity clothes but we were out of luck. At the very end of our outing, we saw a Ralph Lauren store and decided to go in. They were having a really big end of year sale and Corinne got our little man a couple outfits.

We met up with Rob and Lou for lunch then headed next door to the Royal Hawaiian for a tour of the hotel. It had just re-opened after a big renovation (I think they said they spent $100 million). Befores the hotel inside and out had pink everything. The daughter of someone (owner?) loved pink so they made everything pink. Now they have pink sprinkled throughout but its not overwhelmingly pink. I really liked how they did it.

That night we went to one of Obama's favorite restaurants: Alan Wong's.

Dessert - Before

Dessert - After (Lou)

Dessert - After (mine)

Sunday Rob and Lou got private tours by a retired military person. I know, I'm bad with details. Basically someone who had access to stuff civilians don't, gave Rob and Lou a tour. Meanwhile Corinne and I went to the Kahala resort where Kathy and Michael got married last year. We checked out the rooms (very nice) and had lunch.

After lunch, we waited for the men to get back and went on an outing with them. We went to the area Obama vacations, saw Obama's grandma's old apartment building, saw the Baskin Robbins Obama used to work at (I used to work there too...I think that says a lot about me don't you think? I mean, I have the same job on my resume that the president does!), and went to have shaved ice at Obama's favorite spot. It was the first time my mother in law had shaved ice and she liked it a lot.

That night we ate at Michel's which is a place Rob and I ate at last year which was recommended by Lou and Corinne.

On Monday, the men did more Pearl Harbor stuff while I got a massage. When they got back, we went back to Ralph Lauren to do a little more damage. That night Rob and I decided to do our own thing for dinner and had room service. I had a club sandwich, fries and a toberlone mousse cake. Rob had sliders, crab salad sandwich, fries and coconut cake. We are large children.

We left Oahu on Tuesday but had a little mishap at the airport. We loaded the plane on time but once we were all settled on the plane, they told us they had to replace a part. After an hour and a half, the part was fixed but the flight crew was gone. They asked us to get our carryons and de-board the plane. We re-boarded two hours later. We didn't get home until 3:00 am. In the end they gave everyone $250 flight vouchers which was nice. All in all it was a good trip - thank you Wagners for a great vacation!


Gale said...

Neat post, Alyssa, and I am glad you and Rob got to have one last fantastic trip to remember before you become parents. Such a nice treat for you - those Wagners! They are the best :)

Interesting all the tie-ins to Obama in Hawaii that you were able to see/visit. Especially love your's and Obama's twin resumes :) My only tie-in to Obama is that I had a dream about him one night during the campaign season. Oh, well, at least that is SOMETHING!

BTW - I brought "The Little Man" something back from Long Beach that I couldn't resist. Hope to see you soon so you can add it to that well-dressed baby's collection!

Dorothy said...

Baby W new clothes are so cute! I also love the pictures of the dessert plates (I can't believe you did not finish all your dessert). Man, you and Rob had quite the room service spread.

Cameron's mom said...

Love the Halekulani! And I think the guys went to Fort DeRussy... :) Great pictures and what a great vacay before the little dude arrives! Thanks for letting me into a corner of your world!