Saturday, July 19, 2008

Temporarily Homeless

We moved out of our place on Tuesday. We had some drama with the moving company but all was good in the end. However, I guess the end isn't here yet since we have only completed 50% of the move. Now we are setting up camp at Rob's parents house and although we have tons of boxes in the guest bedroom (some food, financial papers, jewelry, etc.) I kind of feel like I'm on vacation. We have a nice comfy bed, a hot home made meal every night and no one is going to ask me to vacuum. :)

The plan is to close on the Morgan Hill house on Tuesday, have the carpets and windows cleaned Wednesday, movers come on Thursday to help unload the 2 trucks (and spend our first night there on Thursday) and take Friday as a vacation day. Saturday we are going to a wedding in San Jose and we are staying overnight at the Fairmont (where the wedding will be held) and Sunday I need to come home early for a dual baby shower. When am I going to unpack you ask? I have no idea. OH- and Rob is Minnesota all next week for training. Eeek!

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Mamasita said...

Even though I pretty much know your schedule for the next several days, nevertheless it's fun to read your blog and get your "spin" - and whew! I'm tired just reading about it! Enjoy the rest, the no vacuuming, and the home-cooked meals because, oh, my! Busy times are a-comin'!!
P.S. The good news is pretty soon all of your friends will be married and you'll have lots of free time what with bachelorette parties and weddings all finished. Oh, wait...then there are all the babies everyone will have. Never mind.