Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We spent 4th of July at the beach house again this year. Ashley, Jim and Gracie came up from Long Beach and my parents were there too plus the rest of the troops (Wagner clan). We weren't sure if there would be any fireworks because the city said they would fine those with firworks $1,000 and we saw law enforcement on the beach all day. But, it was a typical 4th of July with big, pretty fireworks on the beach. Rob and I didn't stay too long on the deck because Buddy got really scared. Once we were inside, he hid under the bed. :( He cuddled with us the rest of the night, poor guy! Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Hammonds and Strombergs
Wagner Clan waiting for the fireworks to begin
My poo-butt


Strombergs and love birds Kathy & Michael

Me, Ashley and the little peanut

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