Friday, October 21, 2011

We've Been Doing Stuff.

Hello neglected blog. I like blogging but as you can see, I haven't done it in awhile. We've been having fun doing family things and the thought of catching my blog up with our activities makes me tired. So, I think I'll just post a pic here and there and then try to resume my semi-regular posting activities.

We've been busy making weird faces...

Goose egg + vomit = Emergency Room

"You've been here before, right?" -Triage Nurse
"Mmm, hmmm..." -Charlie's mama

Happy birthday balloons are fun even if its not your birthday. Thanks dollar store!

Visits with Mimi and Poppy are one of the highlights to Charlie's week.

Terrorizing Buddy is a good time killer.

First annual trip for apple picking at Gizdich Ranch. We have not had too many of the apples we picked but we devoured the pumpkin pie and apple pies we bought.

Going to "sea" the Monterey Bay Aquarium and having lunch in Moss Landing is good for the soul.

Playdates with neighbor friends makes for a great start to the day. Have I mentioned what great neighbors I have?! It took us 3 years to meet but thats ok. We are making up for lost time, now.

A trip to the pumpkin patch during the week is highly recommended. And, free parking. Score.

Charlie, the artist.

I've also been busy with my little bus-nas. #6 out of 250 peeps in sales in September. Just sayin'.... :)

That's all for now.


Dorothy said...

You guys had a busy week! I love the one of Daddy and Charlie where C is in the stroller - he looks thrilled!
Too bad someone didn't catch our bee adventure on video...that would have been an awesome one.

Bon Bon said...

It's nice to take blog life a little:-) You guys have definitely been living the good Fall life! xoxo

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Aw poor little guy! That has happened to my little guy too...its the worst!