Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Big One.

I just made the BIG appointment, the one where we will find out the gender (among other things). The big day is set for July 28. I tried to get us in there the day before Rob's birthday (July 24) and surprise him, but the dr. is out that day.

So what do YOU think it is?


P.s. I don't know why the girl balloon is bigger. This wasn't on purpose.


melrem said...

I'm leaning towards boy. However, I think it's just wishful thinking 'cause I want everyone to have boys like me. ;)

Jen said...

I have a feeling that it's a girl, but I want you to have a boy. Either way, it's fun and I'm excited!

Katie said...

I'm going to say girl too. Why break the tradition now!

Dorothy said...

I think it is a BOY! (Although I want it to be a girl - cuter clothes)...I just have a boy feeling.

Gale said...

I'm still sticking with my girl vote...this is because the "Hammond Girls" are such girly-girls that all the xy-chromosome-thingies get stuck outside the egg and can't get in because of all the x-chromosome-thingies that are already in there. And of course this theory is very ummm... scientific... But a boy would be very cool, too :)