Saturday, March 8, 2008


My sister-in-law Kathy is someone who would look at the ingredients on your non-fat coffee creamer and burst your bubble by telling you it is loaded with trans fat. Trans, what? Ok, I know what trans fats are, kind of, they are the worst fats of all fats, right? So needless to say, Kathy has adopted an organic/trader joe/whole foods diet and has an exercise and yoga filled lifestyle. For this reason, I nicknamed her Moonbeam. I didn't mean it a negative way but I thought it was fitting. I think she likes her nickname. Rob calls her Moonbeam and sometimes you will hear my 60 and 70 something in-laws call her Moonbeam as well. So anyway, I think I may be turning slightly moonbeam-ish. I saw a special on Oprah a few months ago about all the waste in the landfills and how much paper products we use etc. And again this month there was an article in Oprah' O Magazine about ways to save money (and some tips also helped save the environment) which I think I may adopt. Here are the ones I wanted to share:

1. Swap paper coffee filters with a metal mesh filter. Savings: $8 in first year and $18 every year thereafter.
2. Swap papertowells for dish rags. Savings: $40 annually
3. Swap memo pads for a mini chalkboard or mini whiteboard. Savings: $15 annually

I also found these on another blog that were pretty cool (how cute are these?!?!):

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Mamasita said...

I am so thrilled that you are "going green." Dad and I have recycled for years trying to do our part to leave a better planet to our progeny. I LOVE the cup sleeves - will definitely order a few. Also, a suggestion for when you do need a piece of note paper. Rather than buying new note pads, I've been using computer paper sheets that I don't need or came out crappy or otherwise would have been thrown away (recycled in paper thingie) - I fold the paper in 4ths and tear them and - Voila! Note paper for grocery lists, etc. (Can't take a whiteboard to the grocery store, haha) Thanks for sharing your tips and think green!